The untold story of our family’s fight to love hard, stay strong, and keep the faith when life can’t be fixed.

For Missy and Jase Robertson, life hasn’t always turned out like they planned.

Missy knew that marrying duck-hunting family man Jase Robertson would be an adventure…and it’s turned out to be even more than she imagined. As with any marriage and family, nothing has ever been simple.

But there’s so much more to their story than has ever been told. Amid the wildness and joy so often seen in A&E’s Duck Dynasty, which has captured the hearts of millions, life for the Robertson clan took a sudden turn when Missy and Jase’s daughter, Mia, was born with a cleft palate—a serious condition requiring multiple cranial and facial surgeries. As their baby faced a lifetime of being “different,” Missy and Jase had to ask, Where is God in all of this?

This is their story of finding a good life—and a good God—in a difficult situation. As you go behind the scenes with Missy, you’ll find out how she and Jase have made it through their hardest times and encountered God’s protection and love in unexpected ways. You’ll discover how they are raising their kids to be spunky, confident, and secure in who they were made to be.
And most importantly, you’ll find out what it means to be not just “blessed,” but BLESSED, BLESSED…BLESSED.

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About Missy

Missy Robertson stars in the record-breaking reality television series A&E’s Duck Dynasty. She is a devoted mother, a sought-after public speaker, and the creator of her own clothing line. She participates in mission work in the United States and internationally, including serving with an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. She is co-founder of the Mia Moo Fund, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to help domestic children and their families affected by cleft lip and palate. Missy and Jase have been married for twenty-five years and live in West Monroe, Louisiana, with their three children: Reed, Cole, and Mia. For more information, visit


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